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A phenomenal food documentary called “What the Health” has been created to provide an awareness of the relationship between what we eat and how we feel. It includes a set of interviews with health experts, stories from people who have regained their health and surprising findings about our country’s food supply, to recommend plant based eating as a path to restoring health and prevent chronic diseases.

It is a powerful, in your face confrontation with information that a person cannot view this film and remain the same. A change, a decision and an emotional response is almost guaranteed. Many people will unplug! As one viewer puts it, “This is entirely about all the things we don’t realize we are eating, and how it kills us, and also how eating a plant based diet is soooooo healthy.” I have observed major changes in behavior and eating habits in viewers of this film.  Many have stopped eating all meat and fish.

What Next?

In my opinion, the question that must be addressed is what next? While the immediate decision is made to go vegan or plant based is good, we must be prepared to provide the tool kit for next steps and sustainability. The danger of not having what a person needs to do this right, is two-fold:

A person can experience confusion and frustration do due the lack of knowledge about eating healthy

A person could return to old dysfunctional eating habits, feeling worse because now that know…

Making Permanent Change by Using The Seven Disciplines

A person who is well into a diseased can realize positive health results within weeks and feel much better as the body is freed from the burden of handling denatured, processed foods and medicines.

A disease-free person feels better based on good stewardship by making the choices to prevent disease and help save the planet.

Sustainability can be achieved. In this context, sustainability must include a lifestyle that promotes good habits that holistically bring life to everything we do and enjoy. Our thought-life, moving the body, what we feed it and relationships that bring good healthful energy to life. In my book, The Seven Disciplines of Wellness, the Spiritual Connection to Good Health, presents the need for a lifestyle that supports the change of eating habits and helps maintained it.

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We also discuss managing the emotion of food deprivation. That is the insecurity and lack of well-being that can develop as a result of the ignorance and absence of food choices, the comfort familiar comfort foods in the absence of the proper motivation to eat to live.

Many people will unplug after viewing What the Health, however, how many will become healthy eaters overtime?


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Surina Ann Jordan

Surina Ann Jordan is a Christain journalist, speaker and instructor in the area of Christian Wellness. She is the founder of The Eat To Live Network, and author of several books, including The Seven Disciplines of Wellness, the Spiritual Connection to Good Health, Got Cancer? Congratulations! Now You Can Start Living and Living Well. She believes that God's people can be the healthiest people in the world!

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